Photo Upload Issues

Understanding The Upload Process

In order to print your photos, Foto Store app has to first upload your photos to our servers. Uploading is the transfer of a file from one location to another over the internet. Smartphone photos are large files typically 1Mb for iPhones and can be 2Mb for some Android devices. So uploading a number of photos can take some time.

Before Foto Store starts uploading your photos we check if you have a good internet connection. A poor connection will cause photo upload issues. If we detect that your connection is poor we provide you with an option to save the order and try again later.

Tips to help solve Photo Upload Issues

  • Not connected to WiFi

    Usually a Wifi connection provides faster internet than the connection that your network carrier provides. We recommend using Wifi to upload your photos

  • Poor Wifi connection

    The further away from the Wifi Router your smartphone or tablet is the poorer the signal will be. If you notice that you one or two bars on your Wifi signal try move closer to the router.

  • Internet Connection Issue with Router

    Sometimes your internet router needs to be turned off and on again. Do this by unplugging it from the wall for 10 seconds and plugging it in again. This resets the router which might fix a poor internet connection.

  • Use Network Carrier Internet

    Sometimes a Network Carriers internet can be faster than house Wifi. This can be the case in rural areas. To use your network carriers internet (3g or 4g) just turn of your Wifi on your device and the device will connect to the network carrier’s internet.