Photo Print Sizes

Foto Store currently offers two photo print sizes that you can print from your tablet or smartphone. To get your smartphone photos printed please download and install the Foto Store app.
The Foto Store app is available for iPad, iPhone and your Android device.

Photo Print Size 6” x 4”

The photo print size 6” x 4” is the regular photo print size. There are huge amount of photo print frames available for this size.
This photo print size is ideal for photo albums and mantelpiece frames
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Photo Print Size 7” x 5”

The photo print size 7” x 5” is larger size than the regular photo size of 6” x 4”. Similarly there are a lot of photo frames that suit this size.
This size is also ideal for wall mounted photo frames.
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Square Photo Prints

Photo Print Size 5” x 5”

The photo print size 5” x 5” a square format. This is perfect for your Instagram snaps.
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Photo Print Size 8” x 6”

Photo Print Size 10” x 8”

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